Hertz came to us with parallel challenges in two congested markets. In an ultra-competitive auto rental landscape in Latin America and Europe, the brand sought a larger market share, increased conversions and greater awareness.

In Latin America

Large growth of competing brands making for a more competitive landscape.

A crowded digital playing field made more complex by the investment of Online Travel Agents, resulting in decreased Share Of Voice and increased Cost Per Click.

Lack of properties, technology infrastructure, and limited advertising real estate..

In Europe

An established and saturated market, strongly focused on ROI.

Difficulty in differentiating Hertz amid the congestion of messages and offers in more than 20 countries.

A Three-Point Turn

We tackled the problem from three key approaches. We built awareness with targeted display campaigns, harnessed demand through Search Marketing and generated loyalty and reservations through eCRM.



Introducing programmatic buying resulted in efficient audience clustering, impacting volume of reservations, cost per reservations, share of voice and ROI. This allowed us to make a meaningful impact in a crowded marketplace that was saturated with competitors, while still driving volume and efficiency.


Contact Strategy

Email marketing played a significant role by duplicating the list size while maintaining deliverability. Also, introducing relationship emails like Birthday and Holiday e-cards helped bring the brand closer to its customers.

Granular segmentation was another key tactic for Hertz’s CRM strategy. By segmenting contacts into eight different client categories, each one broken down in three different languages, we maximized the relevance of the offers displayed in the emails.

Together with other accessory tactics that supported the strategy, these initiatives resulted into a +5X growth in the amount of people who clicked on Hertz’s email eOffers.


  • Ad Creative
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Development
  • Database Management
  • Display Advertising
  • eCRM
  • Paid Media
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Search Marketing

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