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Pernod Ricard wanted to engage travelers during their pre-flight window at key market airports so we offered a travel retail exclusive promotion by driving traffic to duty free. 

The challenge was compressing a full purchase funnel approach in one thumb-stopping moment. Through a series of highly visual ads we provided a captivating visual display, while also providing a useful, terminal specific map to guide users from their geo-location directly to the promotion at the duty, blurring the lines between ad and utilitarian app.

We worked with a local, multicultural Asian target traveling to Asia from the U.S. and back. By appealing to travelers sense of adventure and love of VIP experiences, we created a seamless geo-targeted campaign to digitally canvas some of the world’s major airport hubs. At the airport, consumers are always just one step away. One step from closing a deal, one step from taking a much needed vacation, or one step away from celebrating with family. That’s why we put a map in their hands.


  • Location-based clusters
  • Optimize foot traffic
  • Store locator
  • Real-time metrics
  • Prediction algorithm
  • Terminal specific close sticking parameter
  • Geofencing terminal-specific radius to target
  • Identify consumers with affinities for product to enrich their buyer profile


We dovetailed emotional triggers with clear calls to action. In doing so, we hyper targeted certain audiences via social media and drove significant traffic to store. Despite the restrictions duty-free provided and narrow time frame, we cleverly maneuvered without compromising the emotional connection, functional trigger, and clear action to follow. Considering the two-hour window we had to work within, we executed momenting at its best.

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