Building a meaningful and emotional connection with a high-value U.S. audience—Bicultural Latina Moms—for General Mills


Serving 20 integrated brands within one cohesive platform wasn’t easy, but with a balanced meal anything’s possible.

Orchestrating celebrity chefs, influencers and in-house talent, we were able to write, film, photograph and amplify content packages published on the site and social media, filling an important content gap that we quickly exploited.

A Four Course Strategy

By sourcing original and influencer content for daily release, we transformed the brand into a publisher through an online magazine called Que Rica Vida. We discovered a distinct target audience that many Latinas identified with—and named her Silvia. Our comprehensive ecosystem allowed Silvia to satisfy her recipe and inspiration needs, while encouraging users to do the same within our platform. As our platform grew, we were surprised to discover an additional English dominant audience that we named Lisa, to later even discover a significant male audience.

The Ingredients

  • Consumer Insights
  • Relevant Content
  • Social Media
  • SEO

Our dish’s success allowed us to expand the ecosystem’s content distribution to include paid media, SEM, In-Store activations, PR and CSR.

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Making the Top Nine

Que Rica Vida was ranked among the top nine U.S. Latino Websites with Univision and Telemundo. The brand experienced a 5% Lift in household dollars spent for five General Mills brands, reaching 6.3M visitors every month. Research showed that the deeper the relationship between users and Que Rica Vida, the more they spent on GMI products.

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 Experience Strategy,
 U.S. Hispanic,
 General Mills

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