Copa Airlines needed to promote their new mobile app while strengthening their relationship with customers, so we made it happen.


With information in the palm of their hands, travelers can manage flights, perks, and benefits all in one place. The challenge was to encourage Copa’s customers to download, use, and book flights through the app.


Traveling is time consuming. From lines, gates, and airports, to airline logistics and flyer miles, jetsetters need a way to streamline their international commute. The Copa Airlines app provides that convenience in one place, so M8 developed a campaign that reminded people why they’d want that convenience—more time to play catch with your dog. We made the pros of the app emotionally tangible.

The campaign focused on the efficient simplicity of the app, giving travelers time to do what they love most. We did this not only through emotional messaging, but also by showing them how to use it.

Large Laptop


The campaign attracted experienced travelers, not only topping the initial download goal, but doubling it. We maximized media investment at a very low cost per download while increasing app use.

 Visual Design and Production,
 Latin America,
 Copa Airlines

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