Kentucky Fried Chicken wanted to genuinely connect with their audiences, so we moved focus from the brand to the people.


To celebrate originality, we sparked brand popularity with young adults by featuring unique talents, under the brand positioning, Always Original.

Just as KFC’s irresistible freshly made chicken follows a secret recipe, originality is what separates us from the herd. We brought this campaign to life by celebrating big and small expressions of people’s true selves—finger licking encouragement.


We involved real co-creators to feature the motivation behind their dreams—not for likes and sponsorships, but out of a genuine love for their craft. The talents we chose were accomplished in different entrepreneurial and creative fields for all the right reasons.

The content we produced showcased their craft and allowed them to share their authentic selves.

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Through our documentary-style videos we produced material in several formats. We then evolved the message, inviting our audience to share their authenticity. The brand voice stayed consistent and naturally evolved with engagements, so markets were not only able to grasp the meaning of originality, but define it.

 Social Media,
 Visual Design and Production,
 Latin America,

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