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We challenged PlayStation fans to answer the question: What is your state of play?

Our challenge was to position the brand concept “LIVE IN A STATE OF PLAY” in a way that maximized engagement for the PlayStation fan base on social networks, drove traffic to the stores and promoted the new PS3. We responded with “What is your state of play?” This multi-platform experience on Facebook allowed users to accumulate
points found in numerical codes embedded wherever they could live the PlayStation experience: Facebook posts, tweets, YouTube videos, billboards, retailers, blog posts, and special edition bundles inside games.

“Our sophisticated custom KPIs were applied globally.”



Fans could also generate content and win prizes on the platform. The campaign generated more than 6 million organic visits, 500,000 registered users, 200,000 new Facebook fans, and 50,000 pieces of user-generated content from PlayStation fans across Latin America.


Sony Play Station


Sony Play Station Experience


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