KFC wanted to drive visit frequency to their restaurants during weekday lunch among young adults by promoting their new product, Chick ’N Share - a bucket made for two. We decided to cleverly use geolocation to drive measurable traffic to store.


With 40+ markets, various regions and two languages, the challenge was to create a consistent brand strategy while promoting a new product. This had to appeal to young adults, excite them and drive visits to local restaurants.


Through social posts, users were invited to get Chick 'N Share incentives by following instructions on KFC's Landing Page. Amplification of the campaign occurred through the use of digital check-ins (Social Check-In, Bus Stop check-ins NFC). Once users followed the steps, they received half of a coupon with directions to choose a friend to share their meal with, and send them the other half of the coupon. To give the experience a sense of urgency, both friends had three hours to use it together. They could only redeem their discount by physically putting their mobile phones together, with each half, at their nearest KFC.


KFC wanted to capitalize on the idea that "everything's better in pairs" when it came to their new product launch, Chick 'N Share--they wanted consumers to enjoy sharing their new product made for two. Using the power of friendship to amplify the product release, we realized we could seize people's natural desire to share lunch with a friend, providing users a reason to get together, while creating shares and social commentary. We chose to gamify the experience, giving it not only a sense of urgency, but also the ever-present "fear of missing out".

We capitalized on our audience's hunger for community, driving measurable visits to stores (sales) through this digital campaign. Our strategy made coupon redemption fun, while incorporating a way of measuring traffic to store that stimulated lunchtime consumption. The opportunity to generate excitement and word of mouth through a challenging, playful experience became a means to verify in-store visits and purchase. Our in-house technology team tracked the traffic-to-store by leveraging geolocation to verify franchise visits and coupon redemption.

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This campaign rolled out in several countries. The audience targeted was within a 5 mile radius from their nearest KFC restaurant. As an example, we achieved over 68K sessions to the site (unique and recurring users), 1.8K post shares, and a total of 1.5K in-store activations tracked with geo-location only within the city of Santiago, Chile.

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