The Challenge

Sprint needed a way to extend their Russia World Cup 2018 Sponsorship on their social and digital platforms by connecting with a diverse universe of Latino soccer fans.

Insight and strategy

Few events generate the buzz and potential brand impressions on a global scale like the World Cup. The catch? There’s a lot of noise and competing brand narratives muddying up the landscape. So we built a digital consumer experience by orchestrating content, interactions and media throughout the soccer fan’s journey. This impacted business KPIs, specifically qualifying online visitation, opt-in rate, call-through rate and store traffic.

We ignited shareability through word of mouth by expanding interaction touch points and occasions to engage with Sprint through both digital and offline Channels.

Our content distribution began with building up a “Futbol Mode” strategy that amplified the “Pide El Cambio” (“Ask for the Change”) story as well as “hacks” to increase awareness and ad recall.

By providing artificial intelligence fueled highly personalized experiences, for prospects and customers, we solidified Sprint’s role leading up to, during and after the World Cup.

Execution / Solution / Innovation

We brought custom experiences to the fans by joining their conversations in real time with laser-sharp geotargeting. This was executed in 4 ways.

(1) We targeted the action in real time through concerted social war room efforts, maintaining dedicated teams in place to cover all the key matches live. We joined fan conversations with game-reactive, personalized video content, play by play, tying activity to relevant hashtags.

(2) Through the innovative use of promoted conversational cards, we made it fun and easy for fans to pick and share their own star-studded, gametime reactions via relevant social hashtags. Doubling down on the social media klout of Mexican soccer legend partners, Jorge Campos, Claudio Suarez, and Carlos Valderrama, the reactions consisted of short-form videos featuring the legends in amusing reaction shot to make the content highly engaging and shareable on social media.

(3) Through our adaptive and automated engagement tactics, people got to go crazy over Mexico’s epic play tournament run. When the time came to adapt our reactions to accommodate the evolving brackets (with no Latino teams left in the semifinals), we gamified the situation with “La Ruleta del Tano” in order to boost an otherwise fading audience engagement.

(4) We were able to use artificial intelligence magic to offer fans a seemingly personal interaction with their heroes. Where with online video and their phone, we were able to simulate a personal video call between them, exploding the participation to new levels.

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Result / Business Effect

In a World Cup landscape of heavy brand noise, truly reactive and contextual social marketing gives brands better and more organic access to their public. The full “Futbol Mode” campaign allowed Sprint to own 62% of the Soccer World Cup Share of Voice within Telecom competitors, representing a 6.4% Share of Voice among other FIFA partners including Coca Cola, Budweiser and Adidas. Now that’s competitive play.

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