As co-sponsor of the Latin Billboards, Sprint seized the opportunity to increase brand awareness among U.S. Latinos by amplifying the event through a Red Carpet experience.


Prince Royce has been a spokesperson and influencer for Sprint’s Latino audience over several years. When Marcelo Claure, CEO of Sprint, discovered that Royce had worked in a Sprint Store in New York and used his earnings to finance his first demo, Royce’s self-made star status, and great backstory made the partnership an ideal opportunity.

We built this activation and sweepstakes around the Latin Billboards to generate brand engagement with the Royce Rewards Club while creating a buzz during and after the event. This gave us the opportunity to ignite the Roycenáticas (Prince Royce’s faithful fans), and satisfy their demand for engaging content, bringing them closer to their star, including interactive 360 videos.

Participants were encouraged to sign up for the #Royce4Sprint Rewards Club or visit select Miami stores for a chance to win. Four lucky winners were selected to receive the full celebrity treatment and enjoy a day of shopping and pampering—all culminating in enjoying the Latin Billboards.

The Ride & Jam Celebrity Experience

  • Shopping spree and makeovers in preparation for the awards show
  • Lunch at a popular Miami restaurant
  • Luxury bus transportation, complete with giant TV screen
  • Special video appearances by Prince Royce, introducing the next part of the experience
  • Surprise appearances by music influencers Dana Paola, Mau y Ricky, Raquel Sofia and SuperLatina, Gaby Natale.
  • Latin Billboards attendance
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The experience contributed to a pre-show hype that stimulated user interaction and participation. During the show we provided “feel like you are here” access to the red carpet along with a post show celebration seen through the eyes of the fan. The data provided important learnings and measurable traffic to store, allowing the results to exceed our expectations with 20% Engagement Rate and 20M Impressions.

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