For the last 3 years, M8 and Sprint have solidified meaningful connections with their target audience during the Day of the Dead. Through a personalized digital memorial, Altarcitos, users could honor their departed loved ones in a portable, shareable way.


Connecting with consumers during a delicate, emotional period requires a considerate approach.

Day of the Dead, like many holidays, has become highly trivialized with insensitive ad campaigns. We differentiated our client by creating a tender, respectful engagement strategy. To honor the true intention of the holiday, users were provided a means to tastefully share the memory of their lost loved ones, digitally.


Mexican culture doesn’t regard Day of the Dead with sadness, but rather with celebration and altars full of offerings. For that reason, three years in a row, we brought the altars online, evolving the artistic approach year after year.

We created a website for users to upload a photo of their late loved ones, personalize the messaging and share their digital altar in a place where they already share a great part of their lives—social networks.

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This campaign revealed our client’s cultural awareness, allowing them to create genuine, emotional bonds with their target audience through shareable greetings/altars. The campaign was so well received for 2016, that the same strategy was optimized for the following two years, making the process easier each time. With more than 5k altarcitos created and +3M impressions (in 2018 alone), our Day of the Dead campaign’s Digital Altarcitos remain highly relevant to users, journey after journey.

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