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Some brands don’t need an introduction.Yet, Miller Lite’s size provided a challenge: create and sustain a unified voice across very different regions.


Our team helped Miller Lite appeal to audiences at local and regional levels in Latin America, the Caribbean and Guam. We took an internationally-known American beer and made it accessible to everyone. Each market was stocked with unique ideas that met their needs. The team improved online brand presence and engagement in all regions, while staying true to a unified Miller Lite voice.


Local teams didn’t have the best tools for the job, so we gave them the strategy, content, insight, and training to up their game:

  • Regional social playbook with best practices to get teams on the same page with a clear, defined approach.
  • Content hub with a publishing calendar, downloadable high-quality customizable files.
  • Monthly playbook with insights and strategies for effective publishing and engagement.

We encouraged interaction between Miller Lite, beer aficionados and fans of the brand by incorporating images, videos and copy that strengthened the bonds.

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Keeping local insights in mind, we focused on the experience rather than the product, creating photos, videos and interactions that vibed with people in a personal way. By carefully planning a calendar based on analytics, we left room for real-time posts reacting to the latest dress color. Creative and Strategy were accessible through a custom platform for local teams to use. This allowed us strong market growth over the first year, lifting user interaction on each platform. Despite the diversity of who we were talking to, now everyone speaks Lite.

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