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Playbooks, workshops and original content provide a consistent brand voice and experience throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.


With 40+ markets, various regions and two languages, the challenge was to create a consistent brand strategy that appeals to young adults, excites them and drives visits to local restaurants.

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People relate to brands the way they relate to friends—by finding ways of seeing the world in the same light. Our task was to find those shared values and sit down for a bucket with them.


With multiple campaigns extending online into the real world, we were able to get people involved with the brand by helping them find common ground with KFC’s world famous original recipe.




Each market had different levels of digital maturity, so we listened and supported all teams in reaching their specific goals. Regions were provided with a unified voice that gave their audiences a chance to engage with the brand in their own way, be it chatting with the Colonel, customizing their holiday message, sharing a coupon with a friend, or breaking the news that mom isn’t cooking tonight. Tailored experiences allowed regions to engage their audience while driving traffic to the restaurant (and mom definitely liked that).


engagement rate increase


million people reached

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