We've created a dialogue engine around Thalia's personality, and enhanced her reach with AI superpower.


We needed to find an entertaining way to promote the complex health benefits of Avocados From Mexico. How could we simplify difficult concepts such as "nutrition density” and "polyunsaturated fats" within the stringent USDA regulations, while getting new leads?


Cocina para el Corazón with Thalia, a first of its kind celebrity-personifying dialog system that challenges prospective users to a 30-day one-to-one cook-off. A total of 25 hyper-customized videos, voice, and text messages are sent directly from the Thalia conversational agent addressing fans on a first name basis and creating a literally one-of-a-kind brand experience.

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Thalia prepared tasty recipes with the users on the phone while they learned the nutritional benefits of Avocados From Mexico, in a fun and engaging way. The era of hyper customization is here. Now anyone can become friends with a celebrity.


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