Xenon is an audience research tool that allows us to delve within Facebook data for more in-depth, granular consumer insights.

As the element Xenon is an important tool in the early studies of the Solar System, our audience research tool is fundamental in studying the Facebook microcosm. Within today's digital cosmos, we are now able to go beyond Facebook’s own tools, allowing the cross check of variables at a very precise level.

  • Features
  • Determines basic characteristics to explore about audiences, including whether it’s an existing or prospective target.
  • Adds first party data from FB custom audiences, email lists, or cookies
  • Obtains granular insights and put together micro-audience segments
  • Explores in-depth details on their likes and interests, considering existing audience (if first party data is available) and prospective audience comparisons and much more
  • Benefits
  • Virtually unlimited, precise audience exploration
  • Serves as basis to both broad personas and micro-audience segments
  • Goes beyond parameters available on Facebook’s Audience Insights tool
  • Allows nimble research for markets and segments where traditional research tools are difficult or expensive
  • Stems all data from individual activity, instead of survey-based sampling

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