Titanium is an automated trafficking-sheet-creator that streamlines ad operations. 

Titanium is a powerful and reliable element—strong as steel. And this is how you want your traffic sheet. The tool’s automation enables robust naming convention usage, which can be later tasked to gather more specific performance insight. This can be done across different campaigns based on a creative theme, placement sub-types and more.

  • Features
  • Uploads client-approved Media Plan
  • Selects ad server platform (e.g. DCM, Sizmek, Facebook, etc.)
  • Generates initial Trafficking sheets, where budget is already distributed by individual placements and sizes
  • Assigns creative assets and landing pages
  • Generates ready-to-upload bulksheets, including final ad names, placement assignments and URL tracking parameters
  • Benefits
  • Facilitates quality assessment process by quickly identifying issues in creative units and landing pages
  • Adapts easily to client requirements
  • Acts as a permanent record on account status
  • Reduces human error

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