Neon allows the nimble forecasting of marketing return on investment as well as other campaign key performance indicators.

Neon is an element that when electrically activated, shines light on its surroundings just as our forecaster illuminates our path to sound investment decisions. With low data volume entry barriers, models become increasingly more precise with further campaign history, but thorough data sets are not a requirement.

  • Features
  • Inputs marketing budget variables (e.g. channel mix, theme clusters, keyword groups, etc.)
  • Selects a forecasting model (or allow the system to select the model)
  • Receives a forecast of results, including confidence rates and recommendations for budget optimization towards goals (e.g. increment ROI)
  • Benefits
  • Provides a budget planning base
  • Grows smarter with campaign history
  • Has no entry barriers (no historical data needed)

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