Published on June 20, 2019

Multicultural relevance can lift performance past the point of regular media optimization.

What does it mean for brands?

With the U.S only a few years away from becoming a multicultural-majority population, brands that truly understand and act on the opportunity reap substantial benefits. Growing cultural relevance can help brands establish new differentiation terrains, build lasting relationships with consumers, and become better equipped for the future to increase overall revenue.

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Open new brand differentiation terrains

As most brands compete in features, price, and overall positioning, a solid multicultural strategy allows marketers to break through the clutter and establish value and culture-based differentiators.

Build deeper, longer lasting consumer relationships

The multicultural consumer wants to feel acknowledged and recognized beyond brands "speaking their language". When brand-consumer relationships are based on common cultural grounds, they last longer and become harder to break.

Future-proof brands

As U.S. demographics evolve towards a multicultural majority, the concept of "general market" will slowly fade away. Brands that understand and act on this new reality will be better equipped for the near future.

Revenue incrementality

A solid multicultural approach can help brands gain more than just market share. Cultural identification can "pre-motivate" consumers that are not currently in the brand's consumer journey. By building your brand’s multicultural relevance you solidify your relationship with the fastest growing U.S. audience, future-proofing your brand.

Jonatan Zinger

Jonatan ZingerSVP, Insights - M8

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