Will Messaging Bots Change the Marketing Industry?

What is it?

The use of automated messaging as a platform to interact with brands. What better way for brands that strive to become more “conversational” than to, well, hold an actual conversation?

Why it matters to you as a marketer

For many years, natural language processing and its application as a marketing tool have been an unfulfilled promise. Much like “the year of mobile” never seemed to crystalize until it finally did, soon-to-launch Facebook “Moneypenney” project could trigger a liftoff of related technologies in the hype cycle.

Possible applications are endless and flow across verticals. Semi-functional messaging bots are already acting as travel agents, supportive co-workers and “foodie friends”.

Developing your own bot and deploying it across messaging platforms could help your brand circumvent the strenuous process of building a dedicated app, getting people to install it, and producing ROI out of it.

Some Key Players

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Our POV at M8

Some say bots will be the new apps. We think it’s still too early to tell. Siri, Google Now and Cortana opened a new era in which if you’re talking to your phone, it might not be to a person. Still, we can hardly define “one question – one answer” as a conversation.

We believe hybrids that combine bots and actual human interaction may be among the first successful cases as the industry grows towards further automation.

Fundamentally, we are big believers in “momenting”. Messaging bot marketing represents a huge opportunity to meet consumers, at the right time, with the right message to fulfill their intent. That is why we think it is very important for brands to avoid an “interruption marketing” approach. Messaging apps now have a higher usage than social networks. We have the unique opportunity to reach consumers in what is now a very intimate channel. Let’s make the most out of it.

Next Steps

Follow new platform development closely, particularly at F8.
Test the waters with existing conversational bots before developing your own.
Integrate conversational bots to your overarching marketing strategy, make sure you map them to your KPIs and attribution modeling.