M8: Making a Name for Ourselves

In 13 years, Media 8 has developed into a trusted agency partner, becoming synonymous with creative ideas and results thanks to the talent of some truly amazing people.

Today, with everyone living a Life On Screens, we continue to focus on understanding people—their cultures and passions, the technologies and platforms that enhance their lives. And we continue to develop creative ways for brands and users to engage, share moments and build enduring relationships. We have become much more than media; we’re multicultural, multiscreen marketers headquartered in Miami. We are now M8.


We’re in the business of remarkable ideas. The name M8 allows us to pay tribute to the legacy and reputation we’ve earned, celebrate our past, and move forward keeping bold, authentic ideas at the forefront of what we stand for.

At M8, we strive to deeply and profoundly understand the lives of the new consumer. We say ‘new consumer’ because we know that knowing them is now on their terms. We want to work with brands and companies that add value to their lives. Our work will be as the connector between great products and consumers who value them because they make their lives better.

We believe in the art of storytelling, the power of data and the science of when and how to spark a connection. As consumers, creators and architects, we help brands and consumers connect in a Life On Screens™. And we look forward to playing our part in crafting what comes next.