Published on April 16, 2018

We, digital device users, have been creating data for years. Every search or tap on a device and every interaction we have on a digital (or analog) medium, sooner or later, becomes a signal. For years marketers have taken people for granted by not considering every available signal when attempting to forge the best possible brand/consumer relationships.

In the beginning, when traditional media outlets such as radio, print and television were the main communication channels, brands had to make generalized assumptions and target a whole market. This was done by using general demographics to segment different types of people into groups, disregarding individual needs and desires.

As media touch points multiplied and digital media got more attention, the data available to marketers also changed. The shift from traditional to digitally-made data signals massively grew and became more valuable and informative, allowing marketers to identify activities, understand context and interpret the intent of audience actions. This allowed people to get what they wanted by receiving more relevant messaging, instead of being bombarded by irrelevant offers.

Today the objective is connecting with audiences to build relationships by assisting individual users at the right time, providing true value. We call this departure from traditional marketing, ‘momenting’.

To us, momenting is how brands plan their media buys and content distribution based on people’s activities and intent; this creates the right moments of interaction where value can be provided and exchanged.

By leveraging all data signals from consumers and creating a constant feedback loop, we can gather invaluable information. Our interpretation of those interactions influences how we shape their experiences. Planning for ‘momenting’ can provide a more efficient media buy and, ultimately, better business results.

Instead of creating experiences that interrupt, brands have the opportunity to be there for users at just the right moment, adding genuine value when needed. At the end, we’ll have a “Connected Journey” that maps every touch point where customers intentionally engage with brands, allowing us to identify and predict ideal encounters.

Sergio Barrientos

Sergio BarrientosChief Strategy Officer - M8

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