Published on September 23, 2019

At M8, we believe that brand relationships with Multicultural consumers, particularly Latinxs, can grow based on recognition and appreciation.

CPG brands have a huge opportunity to make Latinxs feel acknowledged, celebrated and guided, through great digital experiences while shopping in-store. 

57% of Latinxs state that they enjoy browsing in stores. Despite their digital savviness and mobile obsession, they still take pleasure in roaming through the aisles.

Regardless of acculturation levels or language preferences, it's clear that most Latinxs express their culture through food. 61% of U.S. Latinx Millennials have shopped at a Latinx supermarket. Ambiculturals in general spend more on beans, tortillas, and refried beans than monoculturals.

CPG brands have an opportunity to orchestrate meaningful moments even before Latinxs enter the shop. Latinxs are 22% more likely than the general U.S. population to be influenced by audio ads heard in the car on their way to the store.

As they shop in-store, Latinxs are 19% more likely to rely heavily on their phone for product information. Six out of every 10 Latinx shoppers enjoy digital technologies such as digital flyers, mobile coupons, loyalty programs, and shopping apps.

In essence, shop visits are a fertile ground for brands to build and deepen relationships with Latinxs. Digital in-store experiences are a great way to add a data-driven approach that enriches an encounter.

Tactics like interactive, in-store digital signage engage visitors, while innovative AR applications can provide information on physical products, in-store digital rebates or shoppable recipes to create a more meaningful (and profitable) experience with Latinx customers.

Statistic sources: M1 / Nielsen

Jonatan Zinger

Jonatan ZingerSVP, Insights - M8

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