Job Description

We are looking for a Media Manager to help lead media strategy, planning, buying and optimization. This like-minded, digitally-centric Media Manager will manage all aspects of paid digital media on behalf of our client in partnership with our Media Director and media team. Candidates should have leadership and management experience, having served as a senior media team contact on major client engagements. This person should have a successful track record of increasing clients’ confidence in digital marketing and media, achieved by understanding the client’s business and by applying sound strategic thinking, strong qualitative and quantitative support and excellent communication skills. We’ve heard that you should surround yourself with people that you aspire to be like, so we aim to bring on a new Media Manager who is smart, passionate, creative, thoughtful, ambitious and fast-moving!

Department Overview:

  • Spanning B-to-B and B-to-C, resulting in a holistic view of clients’ business
  • Collaborating with other M8 departments (analytics, strategy, social, user experience, creative, technology) at every step
  • Planning, buying, managing and optimizing across all channels (directly and/or consulting)
  • Primarily digital: online display (direct and programmatic – vertical, networks/exchanges), social, search, email, content
  • Extending to broadcast, print, out-of-home and events, for a few select accounts
  • Rapidly advancing media tracking, analysis and optimization; laddering up to a larger effort to manage performance across all touchpoints (media, social, sites, distributed content, etc.)


  • Provide guidance to team members on client assignments, developing the strategic framework for media planning, measurement and tracking, within which plans will be developed.
  • Brining in new and innovative ideas as the digital landscape evolves while keeping up with industry trends to better support client growth.
  • Closely track the progress of developing client initiatives, ensuring quality, creativity and integrity of all media services provided, as well as timely delivery.
  • Monitor and analyze program performance, optimizing rigorously to continuously increase contributions to objectives with greater efficiency.
  • Cultivate relationships with clients and their other partner agencies while satisfying requests, earning trust, exploring needs/areas of improvement and growing relationships over time.
  • Presenting media strategy, results, etc. to current and future clients.


  • 4+ years of experience in media
  • 3+ years focus on digital media
  • Client-facing experience
  • Brand-building and direct-response programs
  • Demonstrating creativity, cross-channel synergy (wholly managed or managed in collaboration with external marketing agencies) and all-up performance
  • Hands-on planning, buying, management and analysis of: Sites/apps, networks, exchanges, search, video
  • Media ad serving, tracking and analysis (e.g., DCLK, Mediaplex, Marin, Google Analytics, Adobe)
  • Media Research (e.g., Kantar, ComScore, Nielsen)

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