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Meet Marcelo.

Also known as Chelo, he is a grown man yet still a kid at heart. He can’t eat salt, which is probably why he’s a very sweet guy. Chelo has burned lots of midnight oil growing his ample knowledge of design and production–which might have a lot to do with his baldness.

He still might not admit if he believes in aliens or not, but somehow he always ends up talking about them over lunch. As a leader and a friend, he is like that credit card ad: priceless.

If you want to join his design team, we have job openings available. Just e-mail us and we´ll let you know if you pass the Chelo alien detector–he might not admit it, but we know he owns one!



If you like what you’ve seen so far, check out our current job openings and get in touch if you think we’d make a good match.

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