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Dedicated to all those who deeply try to connect with others,
despite their differences and time.


Study by M8 based on Experian Simmons data. Winter 2015 Simmons Connect (cross-platform tracking + survey).
All data corresponds to U.S. residents.
Start field date: 02/04/2014.
End field date: 03/11/2015.

Hispanic Millennial definition: Hispanic origin, 18-34 years old (sample n1,239 / weighted n15,619,000).
Non-Hispanic Millennial definition: Non-Hispanic origin, 18-34 years old (sample n1,988 / weighted n53,321,000).
Hispanic definition: Hispanic origin, any age (sample n4,078 / weighted n36,598,000).

One thing you should know before this story starts:

our heroes use screens

with their minds and their hearts.

Hispanic Millennials are always connected; there is no off time. Their online presence and activities are a big part of who they are.

Many of their bicultural wants and needs are resolved in a series of screens, which they use to interact with others, work, learn and get entertained.

Their lives on screens are a continuum where the lines between work, personal life and even sleep time can often become blurred.

At M8, we strongly believe brands have a unique opportunity to connect through meaningful, moment-aware experiences with Hispanic Millennials.

They may have had them before they were tweens,

No longer a trend, smartphones are the first screen.

So when you’re creating that fantastic app

Do not forget Android, don’t fall in that trap!


97% of Hispanic Millennials are smartphone users and 56% of them spend over 20 net hours a week with their smartphone.

Most of them use Android phones. They are actually 22% more likely than non-Hispanic Millennials to use Android; they are also 30% less likely to own an iPhone. 56% of Hispanic Millennials will check email on their smartphone over 3 times a day.

They are twice as likely to spend between 3 and 7 net hours per week on Instant Messaging, compared to non-Hispanic Millennials.

They are also 17% more likely to use video messaging apps. They are 38% more likely than non-Hispanic Millennials to spend over 30 net minutes a week taking pictures with their smartphone.

They are 12% more likely than non-Hispanic Millennials to use only free apps.

While useful for many to fulfill their passions,

The truth is computers are going out of fashion,

But you will still need them, this is not the end

They may live on mobile, but on desktops they spend.


Hispanic Millennials are 13% less likely than their non-Hispanic counterparts to use a desktop / laptop computer at home. They are 23% less likely to use it for email, but 5% more likely to use it for instant messaging or chatting.

Their main activity on desktop is web browsing. 32% of them will use their desktop to access social networks or listen to music.

Hispanic Millennials are less intensive in their home desktop usage. Only 16% spend over 10 hours a week with their desktop, compared to 21% of non-Hispanic Millennials.

72% of them use Windows desktop computers the most. They are half as likely to use a Mac than non-Hispanic Millennials.

Even when they do visit Spanish websites on desktop (e.g., 7% visited Univision on a given week), they do so on a lesser proportion than the general Hispanic population.

Learning about these bicultural hats,

you should know tablets are not where they chat.

But if friends are asking them to snap a photo,

they’ll pick up their tablet and answer “con gusto!”


47% of Hispanic Millennials are tablet users. They are 28% more likely than non-Hispanic Millennials to use Android tablets. They are over 2 times more likely to use their tablet to take pictures and almost half as likely to use it for IM. They are 10% more likely than non-Hispanic Millennials to watch video on their tablet.


Hispanic Millennials are also 63% more likely to spend between 3 and 7 hours a week browsing websites with their tablets. They are 17% more likely to use shopping apps and 12% more likely to use weather apps.

While their TV habits are far from neglected,

Hispanic millenials remain quite connected.

Although Spanish programs

may not be what suits,

they’ll binge-watch “El Chavo”

in search for their roots.


Hispanic Millennials are much more prone to utilizing all features of their connected TVs. They are 47% more likely to visit a website on their TV, and 19% more likely to use their TV to listen to music, compared to the general population. They tend to watch more TV than Non-Hispanic Millennials. They are 11% more likely to spend over 40 hours a week with their TV set.

Compared to the general Hispanic Population, Hispanic Millennials are considerably less likely to spend their TV time watching Spanish programming. There are, however, exceptions. Popular 70’s children sitcom “El Chavo” is viewed regularly by 10% of Millennial Hispanics.

In terms of general programming, they are 41% more likely to watch the National Geographic Channel and 15% more likely to watch The History Channel than non-Hispanic Millennials. They are also 14% more likely to watch MTV. Multi-tasking while watching TV is very common amongst Hispanic Millennials. 45% of them will visit websites on their phone while watching TV.

For understanding this fine breed,

do not assume that they don’t read.

It’s just that when they feel the urge for some hamlet

They won’t use a Kindle; they’ll reach for their tablet.


Only 15% of Hispanic Millennials use e-Readers, 26% less than the general population. This is partly because they will turn to other screens to read books. 41% will choose a tablet over a Kindle as their preferred e-book reading device.

They are 60% more likely than the general population to spend time reading magazines on E-Readers, while they are 30% less likely to use them to read books.

This does not mean Hispanic Millennials don’t read books. 40% of them say they’ve bought physical books in the last 12 months.

When they do use E-Readers, they do so more intensely. They are 30% more likely to use them over 5 hours a week than non-Hispanic Millennials.

When it comes to social, they’re not on the fence.

On desktop or mobile, their use is intense.

They’re cultural influencers and loyal to brands,

But you better make sure that you’re on Instagram.


Hispanic Millennials are more likely to access social networks from their mobile devices, particularly their smartphone. They are also 12% more likely than the general population to access social networks from their workplace desktop.

They are 15% more likely than non-Hispanic Millennials to check social networks on their smartphones over 95 times a week. Most of them will spend between 3 and 7 net hours per week on social networks with their smartphone, but they are twice as likely as non-Hispanic Millennials to allocate over 18 hours per week to this activity.

24% of Millennial Hispanics follow music groups on social networks. 18% follow sport teams or athletes and 19% follow TV shows. Millennial Hispanics are 9% more likely than non-Hispanic Millennials to use Instagram on mobile.

They will watch video across every channel,

so you can reach every stage of the funnel.

Video may be what they prefer the most,

so don’t give them lectures, just become the host.


Hispanic Millennials consume video on every screen, and they do so intensely. They are 42% more likely than non-Hispanic Millennials to spend over 7 hours a week watching video on their smartphone.

With smartphones being the first video screen, the second place goes to desktop. They are 46% more likely than the general population to watch video on their work computer.

Hispanic Millennials are 46% more likely to watch online video on a gaming console, and 21% more likely to do so on a connected TV. They are 19% more likely than non-Hispanic Millennials to use Netflix on their smartphone, and 20% more likely to use YouTube. They are 72% more likely to access YouTube between 12 and 95 times per week.

They are 45% more likely than non-Hispanic Millennials to access YouTube on a tablet, but 25% less likely to do so on a desktop computer.

When all is quiet, before the dawn,

Millennials get their “juegos” on.

Gaming on mobile and console alike,

what a great chance for awareness to spike!


Half of Hispanic Millennials use gaming consoles during a given week, making them 34% more likely to do so than the general population. They are heavy gamers, 34% more likely to spend over 5 hours a week with their console.

They are 14% more likely than Non-Hispanic Millennials to choose an Xbox One.

When it comes to more casual gaming, 54% of them play in their smartphones. They are 30% more likely than the general population to spend over an hour a week playing smartphone games.

Their favorite smartphone game is Candy Crush Saga, which they are 52% more likely to play, compared to non-Hispanic Millennials.


  • Look at mobile as the first screen where you need to generate engagement. Create visual, impactful content. Craft all of your mobile experiences taking Android into account.
  • Your desktop strategy should be fundamentally web-based, with the potential exception of online radio. Unless you have conducted specific language research, always plan for a bilingual audience.
  • Like with smartphone, leverage high impact visuals in your strategy. Unless a specific type of engagement is required, in many occasions a solid mobile web presence might be best.
  • Capitalize on the connected TV opportunity for non-traditional formats. Connect through emotion and history when using Spanish content. Test the waters of Programmatic TV.
  • Advertise on E-Readers only when targeting high-indexing subsegments. Turn to tablets, particularly magazine content, to reach a wider Hispanic Millennial audience.
  • Build a mobile-first strategy when targeting Hispanic Millennials on Social. Learn about your sub-segment music interests and relate to them as you join them in their day.
  • Optimize your video channels and content for cross-screen consumption, taking into consideration that Millennial Hispanics may access them from any screen they have available.
  • Engage through relevant, non-invasive in-game advertising on both consoles (for premium brand building) and mobile (for reach)
Hispanic Millennials can be a challenging group to connect with. Make sure you put your assumptions on hold, they are likely to be more diverse than you think. No other generation has had such a genuine, intimate relationship with the content they consume and interact with. This puts traditional advertising at serious risk of being regarded as simple “pollution”. Be authentic and thoughtful as you contribute to their Life on Screens.

¡Dulces Sueños!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this data-driven story. Our team at M8 is passionate about the Hispanic market and how we can help brands connect with consumers during their lives on screens.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions as well.