Sergio is a single malt explorer who takes his time with a glass. He appreciates the quality things in life.

As our CSO, Sergio’s role is helping brands make meaningful connections with their audiences through digital touch points.

Those skills were solidified during his entrepreneurial career, including his time as co-founder of Latin3, a market-leading Latin American & U.S. Hispanic digital agency. Sergio led the company’s business strategy while managing a diverse creative and development team for over a decade. It was at Latin3 where he came to be known as Xensei, for consistently sharing innovative knowledge of digital trends. Today he uses the moniker as his handle throughout social channels.

Following his efforts at Latin3, Sergio became SVP of Havas Media where he spearheaded a new digital experiences division called Human Interactions. There, he provided business strategies and digital solutions while hitting engagement metrics for brands such as Carolina Herrera, Veet, DirecTV, Volkswagen and Dior.

Sergio’s vision has driven his teams to the finals at the Cannes Cyber Lions and FIAP. His client experience includes world-class brands such as Dell, General Mills, Google, Microsoft, Skype, Pepsi, Reebok, Sony, Visa and Ford. His industry awards include the Latino Marketing Awards, Web Awards, iNovas, PMA’s, Addy’s and Reggies.

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