Jonatan started his career as a child actor for local TV in Jujuy. There’s no proof, but who would lie about that?

Jonatan brings more than 18 years of experience in the digital advertising industry. His profile combines extensive digital media work with a strategic background focused on insights and analytics. He’s led digital marketing efforts for brands in travel, entertainment, electronics, CPG, business services, education and automotive, among others. Jonatan’s experience at M8 includes building our Search department and managing all Media Operations. Today, he leads our agency insights development and media strategies. Some of Jonatan’s client experience includes brands such as Sony, Dell, Sheraton, General Mills, Unilever, SAP, Hertz, and HBO among others.

To complement his professional growth, Jonatan presents and teaches academic courses on digital marketing throughout Latin America. Jonatan graduated from UNC in Argentina with a BA in Communications. He also received his postgraduate degree in Strategic Communications from Belgrano University.

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