Belen loves playing field hockey and looks at life like a game. Don’t worry, she’s never made anyone bleed before.

Belen’s profile combines online media experience with a strategic background based in econometrics. She’s not just a data-cruncher, she has a beautiful mind (and we’re not kidding). She joined M8 as a Search Engine Marketing Analyst in 2008 and by 2011 she became our Senior Business Analyst, studying client markets to create business forecasts and models. In 2014 Belen took on her role as Head of Data Science and Optimization—her current position.

As such, Belen is our data, numbers, and metrics guru. She studies markets, evaluates projects, and became an expert in the management and development of tools for analytics, management –optimization and forecasting.

Belen’s educational background consists of a degree in Economics and a Masters in Finance with a specialization in Economics.

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