As a 90s teen, Antonio shot Bruce Lee style action flicks. He was a helluva villain so don't mess with him. Seriously.

Antonio leads the Technology and Development department at M8. For the last 14 years, he has mentored and managed remote and physical web and mobile engineering teams at development and marketing agencies. Antonio applies a wealth of experience and knowledge to each project—from budgeting, scoping, documentation, management and marketing, to the construction and oversight of front and backend projects ranging in complexity, timing, and scale.

Besides empathy-driven communication, collaboration, adaptability, creative and critical thinking, budgeting and estimation, his core skills include: Scrum, JavaScript, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, MySQL, Git, Terminal, Node.js, React, jQuery, Angular, Laravel, Express, SASS, APIs, oAuth, prototyping, roundhouse kicks, debugging, staff mentoring and development.

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